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Mrs. Magana

My name is Candice Magana and I feel honored to be your child's teacher.
When I am not at school, I am at home with my son and dog. My son is full of energy and loves to explore outside. We like to go on walks, go to amusement parks, train in Brazilian jiujitsu, and go to Target and Costco. Our weekends are usually jam-packed leaving me falling asleep around eight pm on Sunday nights.
Educational Background
I attended California State University San Bernardino, where I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree and from there I went to the University of Redlands for my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. During my first years of teaching, I returned to school at California Baptist University, where I earned my Master of Education in the Science of Education. Currently, I am attending the University of Riverside to earn my GATE certification. I feel that teaching is ever-evolving and in order to keep up, I must also challenge myself to continue my education and professional development.
Teaching Philosophy
Teaching young minds can be overwhelming but the rewards from teaching are even higher. I believe in adapting instruction to fit the needs of the students and the classroom. 
Every year I get the opportunity to try new things and transform the minds of the youth. I love teaching students that together we are stronger than we are apart. My hope is to create a safe and engaging community inside my classroom that leaves students wanting to become lifelong learners. 
Contact Information
The best way to contact me is via email at [email protected] . You can also call me at (951) 654-6069.