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Megan Cope

Year School Opened: 2010

Current Enrollment: 753

Grade Levels: TK-5

Description of Campus:

Megan Cope Elementary School is San Jacinto’s newest elementary school. It is located on the corner of Cawston and Cottonwood Avenues in the city of San Jacinto, California.  
We are one of seven elementary schools within the San Jacinto Unified School District, with a total of 15 schools covering preschool through 12th grade.  Megan Cope Elementary sits on a 12.5 acre campus. The school has a modern office, fabulous multi-purpose room, grand library, and four buildings dedicated to classrooms.  The classrooms are state of the art with an extensive amount of technology!  There are two playgrounds.  One for kindergarten and the other for grades 1 through 5.  The blacktop contains two basketball courts, three handball walls, six tetherball courts, large jungle gym, and areas for four square and hopscotch.  The field has both a baseball diamond and soccer field.  There is plenty of parking in one of three lots as well as parking on Via La Sierra. 

Our Namesake:

Megan Cope Elementary School was named in honor of a woman whose valuable contributions shaped the focus of the District and impacted the lives of countless students. Megan Cope had a long and distinguished career in San Jacinto schools. Following a decade of service as a school volunteer, Mrs. Cope was elected to the Board of Trustees. At the time of her death in 2005, she was entering her ninth year as a board member.  She was also a board member for the Riverside County School Board Association, a delegate to the California School Board Association, and a 21 year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.  Mrs. Cope was named to the County Education Hall of Fame just prior to her passing on April 21, 2005.  
Outside of her educational responsibilities, she was actively involved in her church where she used her training as a black belt to teach karate classes for children and adults.  Mrs. Cope used photography, her hobby, to capture special moments in children’s lives.  She loved horses, bees, roosters, chickens and cooking for the high school football team.  She became known as the “Brownie Lady” because she made the best brownies in the world!  Megan Cope helped bring back wrestling at San Jacinto High after 25 years and fought for music and art lessons in the classroom.  She was a woman of her word and when she said she was going to do something, she made it happen. Mrs. Cope worked tirelessly for the students of San Jacinto Unified School District.  Megan Cope gave so much to children of our community, opening a school in her name is a greatly deserved honor

Mission Statement:

Soaring to Success, Nothing Less!

Vision Statement:

The staff at Megan Cope Elementary School is committed to instructing children according to the most innovative and proven strategies in order to build a bridge to college and career readiness. Our goal is to provide a standards-based education that incorporates a daily review of previous lessons and a preview of upcoming topics. In order to ensure that students have gained a thorough understanding of new learning, teachers expect that both oral and written questions will be answered in complete sentences. Our teachers are committed to working collaboratively within their grade levels and within the school as a whole. We firmly believe that by setting and maintaining high academic and behavioral standards for students, staff, and parents Megan Cope Elementary School is one of the premier schools in the Valley.

Instructional Goals:

  • Provide instruction that is based on the three R’s: Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships
  • Engage students at the highest level everyday
  • Collaborate on a regular basis. This includes teachers collaborating together, with students, and with parents to ensure that the highest quality of education is offered to each student.
  • The focus for the upcoming year will be writing. The Thinking Maps program will help us accomplish our goal.  The staff will push students to express their thoughts effectively on paper! They will work collaboratively to intrinsically motivate students to not only write but also analyze text and apply it throughout the different subject areas.
  • Implement the Common Core Standards to prepare students to be College and Career Ready