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Welcome to Mr. Wood's page!  Here you will find information concerning the Seahawk choir, band and orchestra, and general music programs. 



Guitar/Ukulele Sign Ups are Out!

I've sent around the guitar/Ukulele sign up and info sheet.  The class will meet Mondays at 2:05. -Wood

Band Rehearsal Schedule

Band Schedule:

4th Gr. Violin—Tuesday 9:35; Thursday 9:35

5th Gr. Violin—Tuesday 2:05; Thursday 2:05

Flute—Tuesday 10:10; Thursday 10:10

Clarinet/Sax—Tuesday 1:30; Friday 10:10

Trumpet/Trombone—Monday 10:10; Wednesday 1:30

Percussion—Monday 9:35; Tuesday 2:40

Rental Night Information

Instrument Rental Night Info:

When:   September 20th, 4:00 to 6:00.

Where:  MPR at Megan Cope Elementary

What you need to bring: 
                ID with current address or proof of address. (utility bill , car registration, etc)

Credit or Debit card (with their name imprinted on the card) to pay for the first month's rental and to be charged monthly after that.

Cash is only accepted for books or accessories.

The person filling out and signing the rental application must match the ID and the credit or debit card.

Prices for economy rental:

                Violin:                                   $14.95

                Flute/Clarinet:                   $19.95

                Trumpet/Trombone       $19.95

                Alto Sax:                              $39.95

                Cello:                                     $34.95

                Bell Kit/Snare Kit:             $14.95

Choir Google Classroom

Hello Parents/Guardians!
I've started a Google Classroom for choir, and emailed all of you an invite to join it.  Here, you can see things like concert dates, rehearsal times, songs that we're working on. etc.  
Mr. Wood

2018/2019: Welcome back!

Hello parents and students.  Here I will post information about our various instrumental and chorus classes.  That includes information packets, and concert dates.  For now, if you have any questions, please refer to the "Band FAQ" and "Choir FAQ" links on the bottom left of this page. I look forward to having an excellent year!
Mr. Wood