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Seahawk Choir FAQ

Updated on 8/8/2018

Dear parents/guardians

This page contains information regarding the Seahawk choir program.  Please read this in its entirety.  If you have any further questions, contact Mr. Wood via email at

Seahawk Choir FAQ and Information:

Q:  How do I enroll my son or daughter into choir?

A:   Potential choir students will receive a registration packet.  Parents must fill out, sign, and date the registration packet before the student will be allowed to attend choir classes.  Once Mr. Wood has received the signed form, the student will be an official choir member.  This will all happen within the first four weeks of school.

Let it be noted that choir is a pull-out program.  The students will be pulled out of their regular classrooms once a week to have thirty minutes of choir practice.  For that reason, the classroom teacher has a say in who can and can’t attend.

Q:  Will there be after-school events?

A:  There will be a few concerts that take place after school.  Students will need to be transported to and from those concerts.  We usually sing at the Christmas and spring programs, one of the regular board meetings, and the District Mass Choral Concert.  Students who join choir are expected to attend all of the concerts.  Notice of concert dates, times, and locations will be sent home at least one month ahead of time.  It is the responsibility of the student to relay information concerning concert dates and times to their parents.

Q:  Will it cost money?

A:  You may need to purchase an outfit for concerts.  I prefer students to wear black and/or white colored "Sunday's best" type clothes at concerts.    

Attendance Information:
Students who regularly miss choir class will be dismissed from the program, so that their spot can be given to another student.  Students who are in the program are expected to attend the classes and concerts.  It is the responsibility of the student to remember choir times, and to relay information regarding concert times, dates, and locations.